The Magnificat…take two

(Now, let’s not get carried away about the fact I’ve blogged for the first time in seven months.)

My Sunday School class has been discussing the lectionary texts during this Advent season and yesterday we turned our attention to Mary’s song in Luke. Mary’s song, or the Magnificat as it is called is found in chapter one of Luke as Mary visits with her pregnant cousin, Elizabeth.

So at the end of Sunday School the class re-wrote the Magnificat in their own words for our own time period and context- note: Oval Office. (I had to run out during this time to help the youth and children practice lighting the Advent candle, so the first time I read it was this morning as it was on my desk).

Today, it’s my prayer with them…Barbara Brown Taylor calls it “singing ahead of time.”

I feel the Lord inside myself multiplied 100 million times and I’m pretty excited about it. S/he has blessed me and everyone is going to know about it. God has really looked out for me even though I don’t deserve it and I’m not really sure I want to do this. Praise God for what God has done forever and God is in charge no matter what place in society one has. God changes the power from the Oval Office to the people working minimum wage. God has given those in need the power to remind those in worldly power of their humanity. God is the great equalizer. God is keeping the promises made to our ancestors and to us.

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