tulips and asparagus (spring mix 2011)

tulips and asparagus (best of spring)

this spring’s mix is a little different. i’ve got some classics on here alongside some new music. but at the end, you will find four songs that i hope make you smile, roll down your windows and dance in the car or on the metro. happy spring!

1. someday, the strokes. bouncy, poppy, welcome spring.
2. forever young, bob dylan. besides being a fantastic song in itself, it is also the theme song to  parenthood. it makes me smile every time.
3. love like the movies, the avett brothers.  spring fever is upon us.
4. windows are rolled down, amos lee. in my opinion, one of the best parts of spring is when we get to roll down the windows and breathe in the fresh, spring air.
5. everlasting light, the black keys. dark days of winter are over. ptl.
6. don’t carry it all, the decemberists. raise a glass to the turning of the seasons…
7. walking far from home, iron & wine. to me, this song sounds like the beginning of spring. it’s like his record of everything he saw for the first time when his eyes were opened. makes me think of how everything is new in spring.
8. folk bloodbath, josh ritter. resurrection is coming…?
9. christchurch woman, justin townes earle. waiting in the rain.
10. you got what i need, joshua radin. phew, this song. you better open the window to cool off.
11. all in a day, the open sea. these two together make my heart sing.
12. cherry blossom love, the wailin’ jennys. cherry blossoms=beginning of spring in dc.
13. new york city’s killing me, ray lamontagne & the pariah dogs. gotta get out of (new york) city, somewhere i can clear my head. spring makes me want to get out of the city and to the (wine) country.
14. ode to sad clown, joe purdy. sing some good time harmonies, but maybe without so much whiskey.
15. let it ride, ryan adams & the cardinals. consider this ryan’s benediction to you.
16. jessie’s girl, glee cast. one of my all-time favorite songs.
17. alejandro, lady gaga. you can’t sit still; don’t try.
18. the way you make me feel, michael jackson. who doesn’t love this song?
19. forever, chris brown. maybe this is included because it makes me think of jim and pam’s wedding and that makes me really happy. maybe.


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