5 Things I love on Tuesdays (Josh Ritter edition)

Last night, I headed to the 9:30Club with BANJ, CC and Deacon to see the one and only Josh Ritter. I’d never seen him before, but to say that he brought anything less than joy would be untrue. This week’s 5 Things I Love will be a special Josh Ritter edition.

1. He was so HAPPY. I’ve never been in the presence of a performer who seemed to genuinely love what he was doing so much. My friend Sarah told me it would be this way, but nothing prepared me for his toothy, wide-mouthed grin.

2. Valentine’s Day. It was sappy and it was sweet, but he read Valentines from the audience. One included a marriage proposal. Adorable.

3. The Curse. On the heels of reading valentines, he sang his song about a mummy falling in love with an archaeologist. What’s not the love?

4. The band. I was impressed with how everything they did flowed so well together. I often wonder how many hours of preparation something like that takes. They were in sync.

5. Scott Hutchison. The lead singer from Frightened Rabbit opened. Thank you Josh, for this treat.

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5 Responses to 5 Things I love on Tuesdays (Josh Ritter edition)

  1. myles says:

    Having seen both FR and Josh Ritter, that would be an amazing show. So glad you got to see them. The mummy song was the one that sold me on him as a songwriter.

  2. Meredith says:

    I love Josh Ritter’s music, but I -adore- him as a live performer and go whenever he’s within a couple hours’ drive. I’ve never seen someone so visibly joyful to get to make a living playing music for a crowd (well, or to get to make a living doing -anything- for that matter! I love my life’s work, but shoot… I don’t smile like that!) He’s always so gracious to the audience, and that smile! Oh, that smile! 🙂

    Hooray! I’m so glad that you were there and had an equally great place to see the show from! Sorry to miss you across the room…

  3. josh ritter is one of my favorite artists and my favorite live performer. i’m so glad you got to experience the joy. and i’m jealous because he’s not coming to st. louis on this tour.

    “hold it high for us, we’ll do the same for you.”

    remember that time I shared that quote with you in the car on the way to bwi?

    also, i love frightened rabbit and have a crush on scott hutchison. just needed to air out that secret.

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