Waco on my mind…

I feel breathless these days. I need a week to catch up and Ash Wednesday just keeps inching closer and closer, which leads us minister-types into the throws of Lent and Easter preparation.

I had the fortunate opportunity to go to Miami last week with the Lewis Fellows (best trip ever in January). We visited four churches- all of which are doing good work and I felt like I could walk away with something tangible to take with me. It is fascinating to me the work we do transcends cultures, cities and denominations.

But this week, I turn my mind to Waco. I’ll be attending Truett’s Homecoming and the Winter Pastors’ School with Richard Hays. I’m hoping it welcomes me with above average temperatures (although it appears that it will be cold and rainy when I’m there). That’s ok. What it will welcome me with is good tex-mex, bbq, people who know me well, a university that is such an important part of who I am and a community I long for most days. It’s always different when I go back, but I spent such a significant part of my adult life there that it still feels like home.

I’ll get my rental car and cruise down 35 wishing I had just flown into Waco and feel completely weirded out that I am in Texas and completely normal all at the same time. I’ve been told that we are always feeling multiple things at once and we should embrace it instead of try to isolate one feeling. So, I think that’s what I’ll do in Waco this week.

I’ll take the old and the new and the bbq and the huge trucks. And I’ll sit with the people who are life-giving to me and let my soul be filled.

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One Response to Waco on my mind…

  1. joyofmoca says:

    My soul is jealous for Waco. It has stolen my heart and I am jealous you are there. Tell it hello for me and share my love with the favorites at Truett, please!

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