Too long

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted and I’ve heard from my adoring public (all two of you who read this blog) and I know I need to get to posting again. Christmas seems to have been an unintentional block in my writing. Every day I’ve made a goal to write a post and so far in 2011, no such luck. I even signed up for WordPress’ post a day when they send you ideas. Just a writing funk as the rest of life is quite wonderful these days.

I have many posts brewing and the goal is to post some in the next week about Lewis Fellows in Miami, sacred moments in ministry, February as concert month and music as the soundtrack to my theology.

Jenny and Morgan, now I’ve got your interest. But I must go to bed now since I’ll be getting up at 2:45am in hopes to secure that first round of iPhones for Verizon customers.

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7 Responses to Too long

  1. Kathryn says:

    I read and enjoy your blog too. I make 3! The new post ideas sound great. Looking forward to reading them!

  2. Katherine Harvey says:

    You have done some amazing writing this month. Post you sermon from last week!!!
    And I guess I make 3 readers 🙂

  3. Susan Sevier says:

    Sometimes, you just have to let it percolate. See, three of us read it.

  4. joyofmoca says:

    That wasn’t a blog post that was a teaser! So sad right now.

  5. Courtney says:

    I make six!!! Also, did you get your iphone??? I just ordered mine an hour ago — sooooo excited! (And we still get to be phone twins!)

  6. Jenny says:

    Such a tease…but looking forward to more!

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