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We’ve had our little Moses for almost three months now. Often at night, J, BANJ and I ask the question, “What did we do before him?” I probably slept more and did more work at home. The latter has been … Continue reading

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5 Things I love on Tuesdays (Josh Ritter edition)

Last night, I headed to the 9:30Club with BANJ, CC and Deacon to see the one and only Josh Ritter. I’d never seen him before, but to say that he brought anything less than joy would be untrue. This week’s … Continue reading

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Waco on my mind…

I feel breathless these days. I need a week to catch up and Ash Wednesday just keeps inching closer and closer, which leads us minister-types into the throws of Lent and Easter preparation. I had the fortunate opportunity to go … Continue reading

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Too long

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted and I’ve heard from my adoring public (all two of you who read this blog) and I know I need to get to posting again. Christmas seems to have been an unintentional … Continue reading

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