5 Things I love on Tuesdays

1. iPhone for Verizon? Might it be true today? Please, God. The announcement is supposed to come at 11am. There are few things that I have ever wanted in life. An iPhone is one of those things. I also know should this not happen tomorrow, my life will continue just as nicely.

2. Snow (not on Saturdays). Bring it on you crazy winter storm from the south. I’m just so thankful this isn’t happening on a Saturday like all other snow storms have in the last year. It makes getting to church on Sunday quite difficult.

3. Sermon on the Mount. We are about to undertake an eight-week sermon series, a Winter Bible Study and a Sunday School Class on the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is wild n out in this sermon. I’m up to my eyeballs in the Gospel of Matthew, my Greek New Testament and I am so happy. Thankful in these moments for teachers like Dr. David Garland and Dr. Charles Talbert.

4. Gregory Alan Isakov. Because obviously I needed to discover more new music yesterday, my pandora station played this guy. Stable Song hits my heart.  Why didn’t I know of him already? Good question. And of course, he’s coming to Sixth and I in February.

5. Florida in January and Texas in February. I love these trips for many reasons, but especially to head to warmer climates in the winter to see people that I love!

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3 Responses to 5 Things I love on Tuesdays

  1. Erica says:

    We preached a series on the sermon on the mount last year…and I forget where this quote came from, but it was something like: “If you’re preaching on the sermon on the mount, and your attendance doesn’t start to go down, you’re doing something wrong.”

  2. 1. i’m stalking your blog.

    2. i saw him in concert last summer. he’s great.

    3. who knew we had such similar music taste?

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