Day two

It still all seems a bit surreal-to be in Paris with my pals. Our day heading to Versailles started out with a little detour because we got on the wrong train! But we took it in stride and saw a new part of Paris. Versailles was so beautiful and we all decided that Paris in the fall is just lovely. The trees were colors that dc hasn’t seen this year. We decided to take a private tour so we were able to visit the king’s private rooms. There was an art exhibit that did not seem to fit with Versailles-more on that later. We then walked in all the open rooms and of course the hall of mirrors. The gardens welcomed us but we were exhausted so we just looked from afar. Headed back to Paris and went to st Germaine de pres and the louvre. Luckily the louvre was open late so we hung out with Mona and the Colossal Ramses. We grabbed some ice cream in the Marais and headed home.

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3 Responses to Day two

  1. Susan Sevier says:

    That is quite a day! So glad you are soaking it all in…

  2. Jason Lewallen says:

    So glad you’ve made it to Paris! I hope the locals are being nice.

  3. Meredith says:

    I love it!!! Please eat lots of croissants for me… with chocolate in them… and lots of wine… and everything. I’m so glad you’re there!

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