harvest hymns.

Several times throughout the year I spend hours creating mixes for the appropriate season, holiday or event. Over the last few weeks, I’ve compiled my autumn 2010 mix, entitled harvest hymns. I encourage you to support artists and put together your own mix from amazon.com or iTunes. Enjoy!

harvest hymns
.autumn 2010.

1. Rhythm of Love, Plain White T’s. This catchy tune was on this season’s promo for Parenthood. I instantly apply it to fall tv.
2. Brand New Day, Joshua Radin. I feel like autumn=a brand new day. New life, new possibilities. “When I woke, the world was new…”
3. Mystery, Indigo Girls. “I could go crazy on a night like tonight. Summer’s beginning to give up her fight…” If only summer would give up her fight in DC.
4. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Eddie Vedder. His voice is so earthy.
5. The City, Joe Purdy. This is my favorite song to listen to early in the morning as I’m coming up on the escalator out of the metro. It so aptly describes so much about The City.
6. Tired Old Phrases, Cadillac Sky. Bluegrassy. I would guess they only clothe themselves in plaid.
7. Upward Over The Mountain, Iron & Wine. “And may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten.” Amen.
8. Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise, The Avett Brothers. I can’t sit still with this song on in the background.
9. Twenty Seven Strangers, Villagers. MSW introduced me to them. I love taking the bus when the tree branches start to droop and scrape the top of the bus.
10. Oh Susanna, The Be Good Tanyas. You will tap your foot. It reminds me of spending afternoons with my grandpa in his garden pulling up root vegetables. He always sang me this song.
11. October, Rosie Thomas. I do not have adequate words.
12. Table For Two, Caedmon’s Call. J. Cox and I would always sing this song our freshman year of college. Makes me think of new possibilities and old friends. (NB: the theology stresses me out).
13. Pale September, Fiona Apple. September is when it all starts to change…
14. Catch My Disease (Live), Ben Lee. The winter might be long in the city, but first we travel through fall together.
15. Could We,  Cat Power. We could, I think.
16. I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You, Colin Hay. His voice makes me think of rain-filled afternoons in a coffee shop somewhere while reading.
17. October Light, Robin & Linda Williams. “We feast on eventide.” They capture autumn in a song. I didn’t think it was possible, but they did it.
18. I Shall Not Walk Alone, The Blind Boys of Alabama. All Saints’ Day and our great cloud of witnesses remind us during autumn that we are all moving forward in life.
19. Hard Times, feat. David Bazan, Rosie Thomas, J.Tillman, Laura Gibson, John Totten and Chris Totten. I love putting different versions of this song on my mixes. This one will get in your bones. And it reminds me that in the end of autumn, we welcome Advent. Hard times come again no more…
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2 Responses to harvest hymns.

  1. joyofmoca says:

    I am listening to things songs as I go through research for my biographical paper on Bonhoeffer for Dr. Gregory’s class. I offer you much thanks!

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