5 Things I Love on Tuesdays

1. Lectionary Planning. Today, I’m out at DaySpring retreat center in Germantown, Maryland for a little nerd retreat. I’m gathering with some colleagues from various churches in the area (Theresa, Elizabeth, Abby, Ben and Kasey) to do some lectionary study for Year A. We divided up the church year and each will come prepared with a suggested sermon series for our season.

I’ve got Easter season and Pentecost Sunday to present. Although I don’t get to preach every week, so much of what we do at Calvary revolves around themes pulled from our central text for the week that this exercise benefits me. Our Sunday School classes, small groups and other manifestations are richer because of these conversations. I love hanging out with these colleagues and being drawn into deep, solid theological thinking (that I do not do enough).

2. Books for review. I received my first book in the mail through BookSneeze this weekend. The deal is that you sign up and commit to reviewing a book on your blog through this program and you get to pick a book you want to read. Stay tuned: The Gospel According to Jesus by Chris Seay will soon be reviewed here.

3. Founding Farmers. We celebrated BANJ’s actual birthday yesterday with lunch at Founding Farmers. It was the perfect day to enjoy a grilled cheese and soup. I’ve never had a grilled cheese so delicious until I went there.

4. The West Wing. I’m re-watching starting with Season 2 (I practically have season 1 memorized). It’s nice to see those old friends. And entirely appropriate as mid-term elections inch closer. Why don’t we have a show like West Wing anymore? Sigh…

5. Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins. They are super easy to make. I replace the buttermilk with skim and it cooks just fine. Plus, I don’t have to smell the buttermilk.

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