Fall has been toying with us. A cool day here, a perfectly ripe root vegetable there. But today, October 1, fall got real.

When I logged into facebook this morning around 7:30am, I couldn’t believe how many people were also celebrating the premiere of October. I had high hopes, but I did not know my hopes would be exceeded by leaps and bounds. First of all, the weather was perfect. I had the windows open this morning while I cleaned (and this evening while I cooked). I swept away summer’s dust and made room for autumn’s bounty. A friend sent me an autumn mix of her own and that lilted along whilst I cleaned away with windows and doors (thanks goodness for lockable iron gates) wide open.

CC and I visited E Street cinema for a matinee of Waiting for Superman. Michelle Rhee was featured, as was a DC public school student. I knew I would get emotionally involved, but I wasn’t planning on charlie brown crying. The audience was also moved and I wondered what it was like as some of my fellow movie goers were DC public school parents. I overheard one woman say “that could have been my son’s story. We were on the waiting list for a charter school. I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t gotten in.”

Running errands lured me in on a busy Friday afternoon. Windows down in the car and Harvest Hymns* blasting, which got me everywhere I needed to go.

Finally (and most deliciously) I baked some pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon brown butter icing for BANJ’s birthday. My Kitchen Addiction is one of my favorite baking blogs. Words do not do these little gems justice. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. Stop whatever you are doing and make these cupcakes!

Tomorrow: Calvary Fall Spruce-Up Day and Apple Picking. High of 68. Thanks be.

*I am not able to make an autumn mix for everyone this year. In an upcoming post, I will list the liner notes and you can create your own.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the cupcakes! Love your site 🙂 October is my favorite month of the year!

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