5 Things I love on Tuesdays

1. My friends Caroline and Lucy are devoted to eliminating coal ash all around the country, but especially in North Carolina. This is a picture of them at a EPA protest yesterday. (And if we’re being honest, I really love Lucy). Caroline has linked this coal ash emission to cancer in the community where she grew up. Check out her blog for more information.

2. I love to listen to music before it is released. The Avett Bros. have offered a free listen to their upcoming release. Sufjan Stevens is on NPR’s First Listen for his upcoming album. They will sing me through the day today (as they did yesterday!).

3. THE EVENT. It will never replace LOST, but it did make me feel a little nostalgic. The gang and I have committed to watching it together weekly.

4. This commercial for Traveler’s Insurance makes me so happy every time I see it. Am I a sucker or what? BANJ told me that it makes her smile too, so I felt better about my lame-ness.

5. We are inching closer and closer to our trip to Europe. I’ve been reading up what to see in Paris since this will be my first visit. I’m super excited to go back to Rome and Barcelona! Below are pictures from my trip to Rome in February 2009 and Barcelona in June 2005.

from the top of St Peter's. Jesus and some of his crew

From Castle S'Angelo looking at St Peter's

Trevi Fountain-my first wish came true!

the first time I ever touched the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona

From a bridge on the mirroring towers of Sagrada Familia

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