Rosie Thomas

“Thanks everybody, thank you.” That’s what Rosie Thomas always says when SHE finishes singing. Before anyone claps. She is authentically gracious that people would sit and listen to her sing. On Sunday night, I had the chance to see Rosie in concert in a pretty intimate venue. She decided to have her concerts for this leg of a tour in people’s living rooms.

We gathered in a beautiful bungalow home close to Catholic University. We quickly learned that this was called “The Quincy House” and one of the many intentional living Catholic communities in the neighborhood. (Of course, I would attend a concert here). We picked up on that quickly as the walls were covered with shrines to the Virgin Mary and the writings of Pope Benedict cluttered the bookshelves. The only unexpected decoration was a psychedelic rainbow- strobe light thing of the Virgin Mary. Please see the picture below with crucifix in the background. I desperately wanted to jump into conversations the priests-in-training were having, but showed marked restraint. The hosts were gracious and provided a wonderful space to enjoy the concert.

Rosie and her husband arrived at 8pm, she plopped down her suitcase with a few CDs and home-made mobiles for sale and said, “Let’s do this!” with her tiny voice. I always love the moment when people who have never heard her music before first hear her speaking voice. Then when she sings…it all changes.

Music moves me deeply. I can find meaning in the melodies of Mozart and the twang of The Avett Brothers. But there is something about Rosie’s voice and lyrics that move me to tears–every time. And the crazy thing is…I can’t figure out what it is that makes me cry! Her lyrics have great depth and she is a masterful song-writer. I think her voice reflects some level of soul that deeply touches my own soul.

After each song, she would intro the next one, tell some jokes and laugh. She was so gracious to everyone who was there and I really felt like she cared about the people gathered in that room.  She talked a lot about hope, a lot about having a community to be with in the good times and bad and figuring out your own calling. How could I not love her?

If you don’t own any music by Rosie Thomas, I highly suggest you purchase some. She told us last night she will be going on tour with Iron & Wine in the spring!

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2 Responses to Rosie Thomas

  1. Ashley says:

    Iron & Wine AND Rosie?!?

  2. tiffany says:

    1.) so jealous 2.) ditto what ashley said.

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