5 Things I love on Tuesdays

1. Curry. Last night, I made C. Drew’s “Dirty Curry” recipe. I promised to keep it secret, but I will tell you that it is really easy and really delicious. Reminded me of Sunday Night Suppers in Seminary. Say that five times fast. My favorite part of making it was when I called her to ask for specific measurements. She said, “Wii, do you remember me at all?” Then we had a good laugh and I still asked for the measurements because I am myself.

2. Football. September 12 is inching closer. Not only is it an extremely full and exciting start to several things at Calvary, but it is also the opening game for the Redskins. And who do we play…but the Cowboys. I.cannot.wait. 8:30pm kickoff means that I have plenty of time to be at church, run errands, make dinner and settle in for the game on Sunday evenings.

3. September Concerts. I bought two concert tickets this morning. One for a living room concert with Rosie Thomas on September 18 and one for the Virginia Wine Festival and Over the Rhine. Two of my favorites back to back means that I’m a happy girl. This happened once before in February 2009. I saw Patty Griffin and Over the Rhine back to back. I almost exploded with happiness.

4. Wine. I love Virginia wineries. I visited two yesterday. Turns out I had been to Willowcroft twice before. Why do I never remember this? I will try to remember so I can go to some new ones next time. Luckily, I love Willowcroft and this time I treated myself to someĀ Riesling. Theirs is the best because it is not too sweet. In my wine-pouring days I would have been able to give you a more through description. We also went to Dry Mill Vineyards, which was perfect. We sat away from all the people, enjoyed our white wine, some cheese and a baguette. Then, we returned to real life. Labor Day Weekend was good to me. (A little too good…)

5. Harvest Hymns. They are on their way…

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