5 things I love on Tuesdays

1. This Tuesday, I am so thankful that we have a break in the heat. I heard a meterologist talking this morning about our harsh summer. Now, I’ve lived in Texas so I know that it’s not as hot as Texas. But by harsh summer, he meant crops have failed, we’ve had water shortages and people who have no shelter have experienced a greater amount of heat-related illness. And all of that after a harsh winter. Jenny is pulling for a harsh autumn that involves extra beautiful leaves, crisp air for longer and more delicious apples. All that to say, I am thankful for the cool breeze this morning and even yesterday. Autumn please.

2. Today, LOST season 6 comes out on DVD. I do not need to elaborate on that one.

3. Redskins fever is in the air. I love walking in Chinatown or into the grocery store and seeing all my new friends in their Redskins gear. It brings people together in a way that I always forget and that makes me happy. I look forward to going to Giant pre-game and sharing knowing glances with other true fans. In fact, I’m about to write an article for Fidelia’s about my love of the Redskins.

4. Life Stories at salon.com. Especially this one. I try to read one every day for a new perspective.

5. Today is haircut day. We have staff pictures on Thursday so it is time to get it together. Out to Fairfax I go. I have a ritual involving my haircut that I do every time-PeiWei for dinner!

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One Response to 5 things I love on Tuesdays

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks for sharing extreme fall!! I hope everyone adopts it….

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