There are several reasons why I am dreaming of Spain these days:

1. My friend Susan is there for the (first?) time traveling and singing in Sevilla, Granada and everywhere in between. I am so jealous, it hurts.

2. My friend Julia decided it was time to take a vacation and was tired of me talking about Spain so much so she decided to go in a few weeks. I’ve been helping her with hotels and everything she needs to see.

3. My neighborhood has a bounty of fresh bread baking daily. When I walk to the metro in the morning, the streets are steamy on these hot summer days. As the city wakes up, I can always smell bread in the air. It wafts along between haze and diesel and it is just that combination that makes me think of Spain. Santiago de Compostela to be exact.

4. I’ve got a free round-trip ticket to Europe with frequent flier miles and even though I know that I should go somewhere I haven’t gone before…I find myself looking at hotels in Sevilla and Santiago. It’s in my blood.

5. Oh and there was that time that the cuties from Spain won the World Cup.

I keep thinking I just might buy a ticket for a little vacation in October? November? But first…I travel to Honduras on the first day of August for a week of relaxing, reading and spending beach time with good friends.

Santiago photos (I can’t believe it’s been FIVE years since I was there)…just because I keep opening iPhoto just to look at them:

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