5 things I love on Tuesdays

1. I love that I get to spend the next few days with the Lewis Fellows crew in Silver Spring. I know a few people, but will get to meet quite a few more new colleagues. (And while it’s slow in the summer…it’s nice to be out of the office).

2.  On Saturday, a new baby was born into the Calvary family. I’m still smiling since holding and blessing sweet, healthy Dafne when she was less than 24 hours old.

3. Union Theological Seminary is super concerned about the theological education of Glenn Beck. Only made me want to go there about 100x more than I already do.

4. I have clean laundry and fresh smelling clothes thanks to the homemade detergentof Meredith Story Williams. I don’t want to give away her secrets, but I think you can find a similar recipe for your own laundry detergent here. It makes me think of my Grandma because her house always smelled like Ivory soap.

5. Terra Trendz is my new obsession. I love the bags, I love the jewelry. I love the clutches.  I mean, how cute is this clutch? I think Crystal would say that it looks like me. Maybe they will buy it for me in their infinite kindness. And I think Crystal owes me one, anyway?

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4 Responses to 5 things I love on Tuesdays

  1. Crystal says:

    I owe you so much since i’ve been owing you stuff since 1998. I’ll add the bags to my list.

  2. Andy says:

    Leah, thanks for your kind words. I was searching for something on internet and came across your blog. It was fun to read. BTW, if Crystal wants to gift you this pretty clutch, I can throw in a coupon for additional 5% OFF for today (coupon code “LEAH”):) & also give shipping free. Thanks once again. Happy blogging

  3. Andy says:

    O forgot to put in a link for you and your friends if interested 🙂
    Opal Clutch by Terra Trendz

  4. grundsetleah says:

    thanks Andy! I have a feeling one of us will pull through…I really love deals.

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