Cooking Light-Chicken Tostadas

Last Friday as the gang and I were leaving the house for an Ethiopian feast at Dukem, I happened to check the mail. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to check the mail. There is something about the anticipation of looking in mailbox everyday that just gets my heart all a flutter.

And last Friday was a special, special day indeed. For inside that black, plastic box hanging next to my front door were the new issues of Cooking Light and Real Simple. (I just ordered two new subscriptions last week to Newsweek and Food & Wine because knows how to sucker me into deals for magazines. To my credit, they sent me a 50% off coupon today and I didn’t bite).

I know there are many theories on how to read a magazine. Some people start at the beginning. Some people read from the end. Here’s what I do: I flip through the magazine all the way through making mental notes about what I want to read. Then I go back and read the sections a little bit at a time to savor the magazine for as long as I can.

But a recipe leapt out at me on Saturday when I flipped through my new jewels with a cup of coffee in hand. This one-chicken tostadas with guac. I made it tonight for dinner and it was great. A little spicy and great flavor. I also added black beans and corn from the market. Corn is so sweet right now; I think it might be a crime not to include it in this recipe. And lucky me…I had chicken leftover from sweet Carol Blythe and the meal she hosted on Saturday night.

Twenty minutes start to finish. Enjoy!

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